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of us with two legs have our choice of places to work out, but local laws muzzle the workout of our four legged friend. >> it's great for the dog. they get exercise. they don't get it elsewhere, you know, this is the only way they can run around. >> that's why crystal packs up her one-year-old lab mix. >> there's not that many. there's a couple in santa clara and mountain view, but this is the closest one. >> the dugans call it the canine play date. >> it's a friendly group. they are all like a club. they all know each other. >> but not everyone sees the four legged patrons as man's best friend and has gone on the attack in a disting and potentially deadly way. poison complete with this calling card. all dogs must die. once maybe a prank, but twice, that seems to be a pattern. in fact, on two separate occasions, someone has left open bait box of commercial rat poison inside the park. the city is now posting warnings. >> one box was left within the park area. so the other pox that is left in the entry way where there are two gates and all people and dogs have to go through. some of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)